Where to stay in Helsinki

Helsinki has various districts with different vibes, from trendy Punavuori to bohemian Kallio. If you're not quite sure where to stay in Helsinki, get to know a few neighbourhoods better to make your decision easier!

Kamppi &

Kamppi is a district right in the middle of Helsinki center. If you’re the type of person to stay exactly in the middle of all services, this is the perfect area for you. Everything is pretty much accessible by foot from Kamppi; restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, the central railway station, just name it and it is for sure to be found nearby. Kamppi is also known as a main center of (Finnish) live music due to the music venue capacity it has.

Töölönlahti bay is a stone’s throw away from the downtown area and it is surrounded by a beautiful park and a path going around the bay. A great place for nature lovers!

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Kamppi Chapel - A silent place in the middle of a hectic city.
Amos Rex - The newest art museum downtown.
Oodi - Our new central library of a new era.

Cafes & Restaurants
Deliberi K7 - A trendy food court downtown.
Helkatti Cat Cafe - A cute cafe with furry friends.

Read the texts to pick out an area where to stay in Helsinki
Punavuori is a trendy district in Helsinki Center


Punavuori is a district located in the southwestern area of Helsinki center. Not far from the very center of the city, Kamppi. Punavuori is more of a trendy and ‘hipstery’ part of Helsinki. You are able to find some great trendy design shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs from here and the motto in Punavuori is to ‘support the local’. The buildings surrounding this area are old industrial buildings, colourful blocks and Neo-Renaissance buildings.

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Sinebrychoff Art Museum - Presents some of the most valuable and important paintings by European masters.

Cafes & Restaurants
Green Hippo Cafe - Serving affordable, healthy and satisfying breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Cafe Kuuma - Popular trendy cafe serving All-Day Breakfasts.

Ullanlinna &

Upscale and posh are the words to describe this district the best. Ullanlinna is located in the southern part of Helsinki Center. Beautiful parks, trendy small cafes, great bistros and perhaps the prettiest and most colorful streets of Helsinki can be found from Ullanlinna. The atmosphere here is calm but unique.

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Kaivopuisto - One of the oldest and most loved parks in Helsinki.
Design Museum - Exhibitions including industrial, fashion and graphic design.

Cafes & Restaurants
Restaurant Juuri - Presenting Finnish food culture.
Löyly - A large wooden complex housing a restaurant, cafe and sauna experience.

The prettiest streets are found in Ullanlinna area
Teurastamo is in Kallio, trendiest area in Helsinki

Kallio &

If you’re not too pedantic and you’re up for a great time, head to Kallio! Kallio fits the best for young adults and, let's say, youthful souls. Once you make it to this hipster neighbourhood of Helsinki center, you may realise that it is slightly rugged and edgy but that’s what makes the charm of this area. Small cute cafes, outdoor flea markets, live music, petite pubs and the open-minded people make the atmosphere here chilled out and fun!

Hakaniemi is a district right next to Kallio. The metro in both neighbourhoods take you to the city center in just a few minutes. The markets, bars and restaurants make Hakaniemi also a great place to stay.

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Hakaniemi Market Hall - An authentic Finnish market hall selling fresh foods, goods and handicrafts.
Teurastamo - A popular food and event center.

Cafes & Restaurants
Sandro - Serves natural raw material and seasonal food.
Wino - Fine-Dining and a wine bar.