Reservation terms

Reservation terms and conditions

1. Reservation and confirmation

When making the reservation, the customer has to give his/her name, home address, arrival and departure dates as well as the payment method. The accommodation company requires the reservation to be paid to make the reservation binding.

2. Customer’s arrival and departure

The apartment is available to the customer at 4 pm on the day of arrival and it has to be vacated by 11 am on the day of departure.

3. Cancellation and failure to arrive

The customer can cancel the reservation without charge until 14 days prior to the arrival date. Cancellation period does not apply to reservations lasting over 30 days.

If the customer fails to arrive, the accommodation company has the right to charge him/her the full amount of the accommodation.

4. Payments

The customer pays for the accommodation in advance.

After the reservation has been confirmed, the accommodation company has no right to increase the agreed price nor is it obliged to reduce the price. This does not apply to changes in taxes or other government fees if they could not have been taken into consideration when the reservation was confirmed.

5. Responsibility for the customer’s property

The accommodation company is not responsible for the customer’s property.

6. Customer’s responsibility for damages and disturbance

 The customer is responsible for damages, caused by for example smoking in the apartment (smoking fine 200 €), caused on purpose or through negligence to the apartment or other facilities, furniture, equipment or to other customers or their property by the customer, his/her guests or pets. The responsibility for damages is determined by the general compensation principles.

In case accommodation company receives official complaints from the neighbors or authorities concerning noises or disturbing behavior, an extra fee 500 € is charged. Any disturbance will result in immediate end of accommodation.

No pets allowed unless otherwise agreed.

7. Defect and defect notification

If the apartment, special arrangements or services related to the apartment or services ordered in connection with the reservation do not correspond to what was agreed on, there is a defect in the performance of the accommodation company.

If the apartment is not available to the customer at the agreed time, there is a defect in the performance of the accommodation company. However, the customer cannot refer to the defect if he/she doesn’t notify the reception or the contact person given upon the reservation within a reasonable time of the defect being noticed or during which he/she should have noticed it.

8. Correction of defect

The accommodation company has to correct the defect immediately at its own expense. However, the accommodation company can refuse to correct the defect if it would cause unreasonable costs and harm. The customer can refuse to have the defect corrected if it would cause significant harm to him/herself.

9. Disagreements between the accommodation company and the customer

The accommodation company and customer are primarily required to discuss the disagreements between themselves. In case of disagreement, the customer can ask for help from a consumer adviser. The customer can also submit the dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board to resolve.